Main School Facilities


The Library

Both schools have libraries. The main school has a collection of roughly 1000 books. We are continuing to build the collections for both libraries.

The library at the main school is carpeted and filled with cushions. The shelving has been lowered to make the books more accessible to the little kids, and to prevent injuries during earthquakes. The library in the main school has been thoroughly catalogued and sorted out, mainly by the Dream Kids, SMD volunteers.

We are grateful for additions. Books from Snowlion Publications will be discounted if you tell them the books are for us. To visit our wish list on Amazon, type in:

Computer Lab

The computer lab has been completely refurbished with 20 new computers, all networked. The computers will be online, so kids from Class 3 up to Class 10 will be able to use the internet for research.


Sports and Recreation

Table Tennis enthusiasts

Table tennis, basketball, football, (soccer) and badminton are the favoured team sports. Coached by Lhundup Sherpa (my assistant) and Dawa Gyaltsen (aka Jai Chandra) our school football and basketball teams have been challenging local schools to friendly matches. SMD wins most! We put this down to the quality of coaching and the good nutrition at SMD.

Reluctantly, we had to outlaw cricket and (hard) frisbees. The school compound is too crowded, and too many kids were getting hurt.

Individual sports include juggling, poi (circus tricks), and riding our four unicycles. SMD is home to the Himalayan Unicycle Club.



Himalayan Unicycle Club


Dining and Accommodation
Big Kid's Dining Hall
Dorm Bedroom


Special Facilities At SMD

Special Opportunity Classes

If you had peered into a primary level classroom a few years ago, you would have seen 15 year olds alongside 4 year olds, this is because we have to admit kids who have never been to school. These days we have three Special Classes for newcomers. Class size is kept small and each class has a teacher's aide who can speak Tibetan, Nepali and English. Students in these classes have the option of “skipping” grades if they work hard. Pasang Chonzom skipped seven grades from Nursery to Class 5.

Language Aides

Teacher's aides have been placed in all intake level classes because most of our teachers do not speak Tibetan. All our aides are graduates of Thrangu Rinpoche’s schools. They speak Tibetan, Nepali and English fluently, and more importantly, they are Buddhist.

The exclusion of low caste and ethnic minorities like Himalayan people affects SMD in other ways. We are required by Nepali law to hire accredited teachers, but in five years of searching, haven’t found any Nepal-born Himalayan people who are educated enough to qualify for a teacher’s certificate. The overwhelming majority of our teachers are high caste and Nepali-speaking; they can’t communicate with new students (who speak Tibetan) so we place “Seniors” in all the intake level classes.


Music and Dance

Training is offered in classical Tibetan opera, Nepali pop music (singing, guitar and keyboards) band (flute and drums) as well as Tibetan guitar, zither and drums. SMD kids get dance training in Tibetan and Nepali folk dance, including the all-time favourite yak dance. Those who are interested get training in Tibetan opera and acrobatics. We also give instruction in Tamang folk dances. (The Tamang people came to Nepal about 400 years ago from Tibet.)





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