Main School Facilities


The Library

Both schools have libraries. The main school has nearly 2000 books, all donated. We are continuing to build the collections for both libraries.

The library at the main school has been refloored and filled with Tibetal carpets and cushions. The shelving has been lowered to make the books more accessible to the little kids, and to prevent injuries during earthquakes. The library in the main school has been thoroughly catalogued and sorted out, many thanks to our Canadain friend Jane and toour able Librarian Palsangmo (one of our kids).

We are grateful for additions. You can send books to us from Amazon ( or To see our Wish List type in:




Computer Lab

The computer lab has been completely refurbished with 15 new computers, all networked and linked to the net. We had hoped to give all the children practical experience on the computers, but electricity shortages only allow time for the Class 7s, 8s, 9s and 10s. The head of our Computer Department Pema Norbu B161 and our "AV Wallah" Lhakpa Tsewang B299 are really happy to have a separate AV room connected to the Computer Lab.


Sports and Recreation

Table tennis, basketball, football, (soccer) and badminton are the favoured team sports.

Reluctantly, we had to outlaw cricket and (hard) frisbees and we close the soccer pitch during monsoon because it's too slippery. Grass won't grow - there are too many feet on the pitch. The school playground is too crowded - we'd been getting as many as 5 fractures in a week but on long holidays when the school isn't so crowded, the kids get out the unicycles (we are the home of the Himayalan Unicycle Club) and our one bicycle.

unicycle1 unicycle2
Himalayan Unicycle Club





Special Facilities At SMD

Special Opportunity Classes

If you had peered into a primary level classroom a few years ago, you would have seen 15 year olds alongside 4 year olds, this is because we have to admit kids who have never been to school. These days we have three Special Classes for newcomers. Class size is kept small and the teachers are all our own graduates, so they can teach in teh three languages we use: Tibetan, Nepali and English. Students in these classes have the option of “skipping” grades if they work hard.


Thrangu Rinpoche's Students in The Classroom

Senior students are coming on stream as teachers and as teachers' language aides because many of our outside teachers do not speak Tibetan. All our aides are graduates of Thrangu Rinpoche’s schools. They speak Tibetan, Nepali and English fluently, and more importantly, they are Buddhist, so they are motivated by what the Buddha taught and are in the best position to help Himalayan children preserve their own language, culture and Buddhist way of life.

The exclusion of low caste and ethnic minorities like Himalayan people affects SMD. We are required by Nepali law to hire accredited teachers, (Nepalese citizens with a minimum bachelor's degree + a license to teach). Years ago, Rinpoche sagely observed that we must 'educzate our own children' to become teachers.

Music and Dance

Training is offered in classical Tibetan opera, Nepali pop music (singing, guitar and keyboards) band (flute and drums) as well as Tibetan guitar, zither and drums. SMD kids get dance training in Tibetan and Nepali folk dance, including the all-time favourite yak dance. Those who are interested get training in Tibetan opera and acrobatics. We also give instruction in Tamang folk dances. (The Tamang people came to Nepal about 400 years ago from Tibet.)


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