Admissions Day for Boarders, April 16, 2012

We had a very busy day yesterday as it was the Admission day for Boarders which started from 10 am. There were kids and parents waiting outside the big office for admission. Most of the seniors helped us for the admission procedure. It went fine and by the end of the end we were all tired. We ate lunch at 2 pm. There was our new Principal Lama Karma Pema, Director, Vice Principal KT, Hostel Heads, two of Shirley's assistants (Tsewang and me) in the admission room. Our Heath workers Wangchuk Rapten and Balkumari were doing health checks.

Our nun, Ani Karma Dolma with Karma Tsering B12.14 and his mum

I did the photographing of all the new kids with their parents and each kid's single shot because Mingmar is in the hospital for his mom's operation, and he asked me to take over. Now I am working on the photos of the new kids for fund raising. Mingmar said today his mom has the operation. He is up in Dulikhel Hospital which is on the way to Namo Buddha.

Our senior Health worker (the monk) Wangchuk Rapten, with Tenzin Sangmo B12.15
She's a relative of Lama Pema Tsewang

On admission day each kid got one toy animal. We put many toys on the table and we let kids select their best one and we tried to bond with each new boarder from that time. We asked the kids to give their own names and we told them funny kinds of of stories about their toy. The whole idea was to interact with the kids and to observe the kids' abilities and their behaviors.(Shirley taught us this)

Our monk Karma Ghendun and new girl B12.7 and her mum

More than 50 students including day scholars and day boarding will be admitted for the school year 2012-13. We did intake for Boarders yesterday and we will do intake for Dayboarding and day scholars tomorrow at the same time.

Story & photos by Chaynga Sherpa B021


It's Admissions time at Thrangu Rinpoche's school. The new year starts next week. It's a tough time for Seniors who work in the Director's Office...

Tenzin Yangzom B036a looking at some of the Waiting List books: about 400 are waiting

Some of us seniors have had the experience of working as a director's assistant. It is a very tough task, especially during the Admissions period. Many parents and guardians come all the way from their remote villages carrying hopes that their child will get admitted into SMD School but that is not possible. There are hundreds of kids on the Waiting List. Most won't get admitted. We don't have room.

As director's assistants it is one of our jobs to explain to these parents or guardians how kids get admitted into Thrangu Rinpoche's school. First, the child has to be put on the Waiting List, and when it's time for Admissions, Rinpoche himself decides who will come as Boarders.

For all of us at SMD, the main problem in that every single person that comes during this period are all so desperate. During the mani drubchen anyone can come into the school, sometimes 5 or 6 parents are waiting and begging in the school offices. Mostly their kids are not on the Waiting List. We have to explain them very kindly about the problems of our school (how crowded we are) as well as the rules of admission.

Some parents or guardians don't understand our problem. They just beg and cry in front of us. Sometimes they get angry with us and the situation becomes really upsetting and tough. We understand their problems very well but it is not in our power to admit their kids. We can only listen to their stories, fill in the Waiting List forms and try convince those parents that their child might get admission some other year.

There are more than 400 hundred kids on the waiting list and it takes many years to get admission. Our school is very crowded and we cannot take many children on the Waiting List. It is Rinpoche's kindness that he picks the kids. We are very sorry to those parents whose child has not been admitted.

By Urgen Dorje B413
Tenzin Yangzom B036a
Tsewang Sangmo B418a



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