Andrew - Bringing Tibetan Music to SMD

Andrew, a volunteer from Canada has been helping SMD School since 2007.  He offered his best, selfless service with the motivation of promoting Himalayan culture. The SMD Family is very thankful for Andrew's contributions.

In December 2007, I had the opportunity to come to SMD School and stay for about 6 months. During my stay, I fell in love with the school, kids and the staff. I enjoyed spending time with the SMD family at the Seniors' apartment while teaching classes and piano classes, and while just playing and hanging out with people.

After returning from Nepal to Canada I started attending Renaissance College at the University of New Brunswick where I studied leadership and Philosophy as my major as well as International Development Studies as a minor. Luckily this past summer (June/10) my studies brought me to Bhutan for 3 months in the form of a study internship, and after my time in Bhutan I was able to come back to SMD for a brief visit.

Prior to coming to SMD I was granted a sum of money from the Canadian government to support Tibetan music at SMD, and with this money we bought a number of Tibetan instruments which I hope will provide to materials for a strong traditional Tibetan music programme.

It has made me very happy to come back to SMD and spend time with familiar (and new) people. I don't know what my future holds, but I really hope to come back as soon as I get another chance. Thank you SMD family so much for everything you have done for me and I wish everyone all the best in your futures.

Tashi Delek!!!



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