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General Donations
Any amount is welcomed and used to improve children's lives. We can buy or make almost everything that we need in Nepal.

Some Seniors Going on a Pilgrimage with Jean B

Funds for multivitamins: $18 keeps a children on vitamins for a year
Nepal is the hungriest country in Asia. The US government says 41% of the kids under 5 are stunted. Vitamins make all the difference. 

Funds for children's hobbies: $100 
With beads, and nylon thread children can make their own 'malas' - prayer beads; with yarn, they can weave friendship bracelets and with wool, they can knit mufflers for themselves.

Satellite phones: $2,000 each
Kathmandu is an earthquake zone; seismic experts rate the risk 'catastrophic'. A couple of sat phones could save lives. Thuraya are the best - that's what the UN uses in the country.

Toiletries: annual cost $45/child
Shampoo, soap, toothpaste and skin cream (for chapped cheeks) are expensive because everything is imported.

Sanitary Products: $150/month
More than 60% of our kids are girls - we spend +$1800/year on sanitary products. Monthly cost $150.

Rent $1093 month
We do not own the school buildings, and have to pay rent to the monastery for all the room we use inside the compound and the flats we rent outside.

Got Any Air Miles You're not Using? We Could Use them
More than three dozen students are studying overseas. Most (but not all) travel costs are paid by their scholarships. Donated air miles would help scholarship students and would also help Shirley get overseas for fundraising and for arranging other scholarships. Star Alliance or Qatar Airways miles are especially helpful.

Ongoing Education Inside Nepal $1000/student/year
Grades 11 & 12 are only offered in urban for-profit schools. Himalayan kids have nowhere to live if they are going on with their education, whether to high school, or university.  We keep them with us, and pay for their tuition.

Small Carpets For Bedrooms $15 each
The school is unheated. Temperatures get down to 0 C at night. We'd like to buy 100 locally-made wool carpets (the carpet industry is languishing) to keep kids feet warm in their rooms, getting into and out of bed.


New Books from Cyncie


We are building libraries at both schools. The little monks have read every book in their library at the Branch School! Books from Amazon are the only thing that gets past corrupt Customs officials. To see our wish list, click here:

41 Kids and Staff Members are Red Cross Certified. Training is part of healthcare at SMD

Healthcare Fund $10,000/year, $100 cover Health Care for 5 Children per Year

Supplies for our clinic and for the healthworker's salary and to pay for lab equipment and supplies (parasite and bloodwork). Also for eye and dental care. This also covers hearing, vision, dental and hospitalization expenses for all the children and support staff. We share extras with the clinic at SMD Branch School.

Running Shoes: $100 helps 16 kids
This is a health issue. Most of our kids are playing sports in bare feet, running the risks of injury and hookworm infections.

Picnic and Pilgrimage Fund $350/trip
It's good for the kids to get out of the school compound once in a while and perfect when we can combine a picnic with a pilgrimage. One outing, including bus rental and food costs.

Concert Fund $250/concert
One of Thrangu Rinpoche's aims is to preserve the culture of Himalayan peoples.The kids learn the traditional songs and dances of Nepal and Tibet. We like the children to get a chance to show off what they've learned to the local community. It has the added benefit of reinforcing Himalayan culture, and everybody has fun. We do 4 to six full-on productions every year, budget permitting. When we did our last performance in December, a thousand people came!


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