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87 new students were admitted when the 2013-2014 school year started in April. These are some of them.

Tenzin Wangdu B13.7 Boy 9 years Class:1
Sangay Thinley Gurung B13.16 Boy 7 years UKG
Karma Yeshe Lama B13.18 Boy 5 years

B13.20 B13.24
B13.19 Pemba Choden Girl 13 years
B13.20 Class Nursery
Yangchen B13.24 Girl 7 years Class: Special Junior

B13.26 B13.34 b13-40
Yangzom Lama B13.26 Girl 5 years Class: Nursery B13.34 Tenpa Gyaltsen Lama
Boy 9 years
B13.40 Tenzin Sherab
Boy 8 years

B13-42 B13-43 B13-44
B13.42 Sonam Tsering
Boy 9 years
B13.43 Tseten Lama
Boy 11 years
B13.44 Karma Norbu Sherpa
Boy 7 years

B13-46 B13-47 B13-48
B13.46 Mingmar Tsering Sherpa
Boy 12 years
B13.47 Nyima Diki Sherpa
Girl 9 years
B13.48 Priya Shrestha
Girl 6 years

B13-49 B13-50 B13-51
B13.49 Jigme Norbu Lama
Boy 8 years
B13.50 Deepak Garti Magar
Boy 8 years
B13.51 Neeruta Magar
Girl 10 years

B13-52 B13-53 B13.55a
B13.52 Roshan Tamang
Boy 9 years
B13.53 Karma Gyatso Lama
Boy 6 years
Nirjan Shrestha B13.55a
Boy 9 years Class: 1

B13.56 B13.57 B13.59
Kushal Lama B13.56 Boy 8 years   Class: 1 Nyima Bhuti Lama B13.57   Girl   4 years   Class: Nursery Tenzin Dorje B13.59   Boy   4 years   Class: LKG

Karma Dolma Tamang B13.60   Girl 11 years Class: 2    



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