"Day Boarders" Need Help


All these children are in school now and they are all sponsored as 'day boarders', which means they come to us 7 days a week, from 7 AM until 7 PM. We do this becuase we have no more room to take boarders, yet the only chance these children have for education is SMD. All we ask is that they sleep somewhere else; we do everything else (3 meals a day + snack, clothes, baths, healthcare, haircuts, etc.) because the families can't afford to care for them. We have been stretching the amount of Day students to cover "day boardering" costs but given rising costs, Day Scholar sponsorship doesn't stretch that far these days. Day Boarders need double sponsors.

Nagawang Tsering D 13.1 Boy 6 years Thupten Nyima D 13.3 Boy 4 years D13.15 Sonam Sangmo Girl 7 years Class: Special Junior

D13.18 D13.19 D13.23
Deepak Tamang D13.18 Boy 6 years Class: LKG Pasang Tsering D13.19 Boy 8 years Class: 2 Sanjita Rai D13.23 Girl 8 years Class: Special Junior

D13.24 D13.25
Dolma D13.24 Girl 4 years Class: Nursery Tenzin Lhakden D13.25 Boy 4 years Class: Nursery Sagar D11.21 Boy 8 years Class: Special Junior

Sangita Nepali D13.26 Girl 9 years Class: Special Junior Sangye Dolma D826a Girl 13 years Class: 4

Sangye Dolma is a very serious little girl who tries hard in everything she does. She was sponsored as a Day student, but out of extreme need, has moved to Boarding. She needs a little extra.



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