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A Word About Sponsoring Monks' Education

Again, I'd like to remind you that the monks' education path is a little bumpier than the lay kids'. Rinpoche asked that this be made clear to anyone wanting to sponsor a monastic. Another point: when a monk leaves school and goes into the monastery, he still needs sponsorship. The monastery handles sponsorship differently than the schools do: all the money goes into a general fund so that all the monks benefit...they are fed, housed, clothed and cared for equally.

Sponsor a Monk's Education...Help to Create Benefit for Many Beings

Jamyang comes from Nubri, which is near the Nepalese border with Tibet. He has one brother and one sister. He doesn't know what his parents do for a living and says that he became a monk, "...because my father told me to." To get from his village to the monastery Jamyang had to walk for seven days with his fahter, sleeping in tea-houses at night.

He is enjoying life in the monastery and likes English and Tibetan.

Since May 2006 Jamyang has been studying at Shree Mangal Dvip Tibetan School for Young Monks.
Tashi is from Nubri which is close to the Tibetan border. To get to his village from Kathmandu means two days on buses and then a six-day walk. There are neither vehicles nor roads in these remote regions.

Tashi’s family are poor - his father works as a carpenter and he also labours in the fields; his mother is a housewife and she also helps in the fields. There are seven in his family: Tashi, his parents, four sisters and one younger brother.

It was his mother’s wish that he become a monk, which he did when he was 12 years old. Now that he is a monk he says, “Being a monk has changed my character. I learn how to help and respect others, how to meditate and pray and be kind…

His favourite subjects in school are Tibetan and English, “…because my aim is to become a translator - I want to translate Tibetan Dharma into English for western people.” His hobbies are reading Dharma books and story books.

Since May 2006, Tashi Tsering has been studying at Shree Mangal Dvip Branch School at Namo Buddha. He is now studying in pre-shedra (shedra is a monastic university of Higher Buddhist studies).
The biographies of these two monks, little Jamyang, and Tashi Tsering underline the benefit of the education Thrangu Rinpoche gives his monastics. They all receive a secular education as well as the traditional spiritual training. Rinpoche points out that a well-educated monastic can help more beings more than someone who only has a materialistic education. A doctor, for example can help the sick, but a well-educated monastic can help beings in countless ways.

By the time these young monks are in their teens, they are beginning to think about the Dharma, their individual responsibility and how to benefit beings. With a Western education, they understand the 21st century. At the same time, they are well versed in the Buddha's teachings. They have the potential to help beings in so many ways.

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