The Best Effort Kids


"Best Effort" is an award given to the most-hard working student in each class. Best Effort awards are announced on Results Day.

Before, the result system was different. The top three position holders were announced and the result was published on each class's notice board. Now, only the Best Effort award winner is announced at Results Day. Individual results are shown to students secretly.

This system started recently, from our Second Term Results day. We really liked the system, as it will not make failed students despair. There will be no competition in percentages or marks among the kids, so no bad thoughts of jealousy will arise.

A student who is disciplined, kind, hard working and who participates in activities will be honoured with "Best Effort". Among all the students in each class, one will earn this honour. It doesn't matter whether the student is passed or failed. One student from each class will be honoured.

We the students from Grade Nine think that "Best Effort" title has encouraged the students to learn more and more. It has also encourages everyone to be disciplined and to work hard. We are really grateful to the school administration group for this wonderful idea.

Students of Grade Nine



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