Class 9 Students Clean Around the Boudha Stupa

One day Class 9 students went to the Stupa with one of the Tibetan teachers, Gela Lobsang Rinchen to clean up. In the Tibetan textbook, there is a chapter about the environment, so at first they read, and after that they practiced! They swept around Boudha stupa and they picked up all the trash.

People who live near by the stupa were very pleased with the kids. Some people came out and distributed masksand water for our kids for their good work. The students of Grade 9 have shown their true compassion in a realistic way which makes all of us in the SMD family proud. And the kids themselves were very delighted with what they had done and thankful towards their Tibetan teacher for taking them to the stupa and teaching the significance of community service and the importance the environment.

By Dechen Dolma B366a


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