Drama Competition, 2011-2012

Every year our school conducts a drama competition between the three houses (Srongsten, Sagarmatha and Sambhota). The dramas shown by the respective houses are organized and performed by students themselves. The main aim behind this is to uplift the creativity of the students and also to develop their confidence. Just as every year we have conducted a drama competition this year too. The theater artists of all houses mesmerized the audience with their breathtaking acts and expression. All the dramas had their respective themes which are briefly given below:

Srongsten House

The drama was about two notorious boys who always stole, lied, robbed and deceived others. They earned their living in those ways. There was not even a single virtue done by them for the benefits of other beings. One day they came across the place where a monk was teaching about “cause and effect” and they decided to join the teaching from which they felt regret enormously. Taking all their actions of their past in account, they changed themselves into good persons.

The drama teaches about the ways of becoming good again. It taught us a lesson about redeeming our own actions. Whether you have committed lots of defilements whether you have deceived other people or you broke their hearts there is always a way to be good again………..a way to be a good person again. There is always a chance for you to forgive all the misdeeds and there is always a way to change yourself. There is an opportunity, an opportunity for you to redeem yourself and an opportunity to redeem the environment’s view towards you.

Sambhota House

This drama was about a girl who goes aboard for her study but later on when she returns she seemed to despise her own culture. She also scolds her parents for using their own language rather than English. Her aim to become a fashion designer was failed due the negligence of her own culture. Despite feeling regret for what she had done, she apologizes to her parents for her mistake and tries to embrace her culture and language.

The main objective of the drama was to inform about the importance of our own culture, tradition and way of lives. Wherever we go and whatever we do our own culture reflects us and it act as identification for us. So we must always have a great esteem and a lot of love for our own culture.

Phutika Sherpa B403a

Sagarmatha house

The drama of this house was about a school boy (Raxxer) from a very poor family. He falls to become the victim of many teachers along with his friends about their behaviors. Since, he was very interested in football, he steals money from his home for a football match but the money he stole from his home was for his mother’s treatment who was in the hospital then. One of his friends came to know about it and convinced Raxxer to return the stolen money to his father.

This drama emphasizes about the importance of parents. It is for the youth who only think about their own interest rather than their parent’s situation. It teaches us about the important of life than the football match. There is always an opportunity to play game but once our life is gone there is no chance of returning back.

Sonam Lama B331a

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