SMD Environment Day

During winter vacation, many students went home. Approximately 75 students stayed in school. To entertain the kids and keep them busy, our school seniors made many programmes. Among them one was “Environment Day” held on January 13th and lead by Senior Ugyen Karma. That day, we SMD kids, Seniors and teachers cleaned our school area and the road in front of our school. We all did our best to make the environment look clean and green by sweeping, picking up garbage, and washing the dust from the road. It was fun but tiring too. One of the most interesting things was that we got to stop the vehicles from moving on the road while we were sweeping! Some of the student made beautiful charts on the environment and hung them on the wall. It was fabulous day for SMD.

We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to the seniors for organizing such programme.

Kunsang Diki B373



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