SMD Kids singing the national anthem on the Karmapa's Birthday


Karmapa’s Birthday Celebration

On June26th, it was the birthday of His Holiness the 17th Galwang Karmapa. At SMD, we woke up early in the morning and took some refreshment, then we went to our shrine hall. Two monk teachers School came to lead the prayers. We did prayers for one hour and offered khatas to Karmapa's photo in the shrine hall. After prayers were finished, we went to the dining hall for breakfast. The breakfast was pretty special on that day! We ate daysi (rice mixed with sugar, ghee, and dried fruit) and eggs and we drank butter tea.

Around 8:30 in the morning, we student from Class 5 and above went to Dhapsang Gompa. Usually, a long programme would be held, but this time there was no long programme because many people died in Tibet in the earthquake last April. Thrangu Rinpoche’s monastery was all destroyed and many people died.

When we reached Dhapsang Monastery, almost everyone was there. We were all given butter tea and chapatis. We SMD kids sang both the Tibetan and Nepali national anthems.(The Tibetan national anthem is pure Dharma.) Everyone was so surprised at how well our kids sang the anthems. They were all praising us. After the national songs, they made some speeches and then we went for kora.(Circumnambulating the stupa...a form of prayer.) The day was very sunny and hot so everyone was trying to find a cool place to stay.

We members of Khoryug Sunkop were showing people how to make an environmental healing fluid from the leftover vegetables, fruit peels, brown sugar and honey. Khoryug Sunkop is an organization that works for the environment and has built an organic nursery near Pawo Gompa, some of us SMD kids volunteer there every Saturday. At Karmapa's birthday, we also distributed information written in two languages (Tibetan and English). There were three students to explain for each language and our helper was Dawa Norbu and Gela Pema Wangyal (the leader of Khoryug Sunkop).The ones who came to get the information were mostly nuns, monks and other educated people.

After that we went inside Dhapsang Gompa for an empowerment. We got a blessing and we headed back for SMD. Even though, there was nothing special that day, we really had a good time.

By Dechen Dolma B366 Class 8



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