Kid's Teach Letter Writing

Letter writing (in English) is not in the Nepali curriculum until Class 9, so we SMD kids usually don't learn how to write letters until we become Seniors and get to work in the Director's office and with volunteers. Lots of kids find difficulties in writing letters.

Keeping in touch with our sponsors is very important, so our Director Shirley Blair asked we Seniors, Migmar Sherpa B08 and Lhakpa Dolma B334a to write a lesson plan and then teach letter-writing to all the classes from 3 to 10. She asked that all the teachers sit in, so everyone can learn how to write letters in English.

We like to learn from volunteers who have better knowledge and experience, so we got some help from one of our visitors, Lori Goldman. She is an English teacher in Vancouver. She taught us how to write letters in formal ways, so we were sharing the ideas that we got from her which we thought would be helpful for all the SMD family.

By Migmar Sherpa and Lhakpa Dolma

Feedback from Dawa Gyaltsen, Class 9 English teacher...(laughing while he shared this)

"Their teaching style was so confident, and the lesson was taught so clearly! They had planned well, and had prepared teaching materials to bring to class. I got to sit in my own class and learn from the students!"




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