Kids Attend Newar New Year Celebrations

Friday April 13th marked the Nepali New Year (2069). Nyima Dorje B313 and friends attended the Newar celebrations. The Newari people are the first inhabitants of the Kathmandu valley, they are famed for their artistry, particularly their statue-making and their painted religious scrolls (thankas).

The Newar people are both Buddhist and Hindu and some are both. In years gone by, it was the Newars who taught the Tibetans how to paint thangkas, and the Newars plied a lively trade into Tibet until the border was closed. This festival that Nyiima Dorje wrote about is Hindu.

Nyima Dorje (a graduate of West Island College, Calgary and alumnus of St. John's Kilmarnock School, Ontario) wrote this story.

L Nyima Dorje (foreground) with Migmar Sherpa B08 on his left

I would like to share some pictures that we took last week for Nepali New year. My friends and I were in Bhaktapur, a Newari town 25k.m away from Kathmandu. It was one of my best Nepali New years as I got to experience the indigenous cultural celebration of the Newars. Many people were out on the streets singing and dancing and pulling the pagoda style temple.

We also walked through the nearby villages and got an opportunity engage with the villagers. They were very kind to share their meals with us. Their hospitality amazed us.

Meanwhile, everyone at S.M.D School is doing well too. We will be starting a new school year from 25th of April. This year we have about 60 new students from remote villages of Nepal (mostly from the Himalayas) from 4 to 13 years. All these kids are happy to find a school that would not only provide them with a basic education but will also meet more than their basic needs. Like me, SMD will be their next home for many years. The school is in a process of finding new sponsors for all of these new kids.

Nyima Dorje Sherpa

We don't inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.
-Native Proverb




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