Reading was not so popular a few years back, but from the last two years or so, when SMD and the Inter Community School Zurich became partners, star teachers from ICS have been training SMD seniors and teachers in strategies for teaching reading and diagnosing kids’ reading levels. The ICS teachers also taught classroom management. This helped to improve reading a lot at SMD school.

Reading Angels started with three seniors in 2008 under the guidance of Heather, a teacher from ICS. Then four more seniors joined in to make the work lighter and Heather made another visit to SMD with her friend Sheena to spend her time with SMD kids. Again with the help of Heather, the old Angels trained a dozen new Angels. How to be a Reading Angel is passed on whenever needed.

The skills taught by all the ICS teachers are being continued by the Reading Angels. They go to classes from UKG to Class 6 once a week. We angels distribute books to the kids, making sure the books are at an appropriate level. The kids to read during the class and we help them with vocabulary. There are many levels, and when kids finish level 30, they are ready to start to read novel with their friends. Every week, they discuss about the book they are reading and when the novel is finished reading, the kids will do presentations about the book and do other activities related with the book.

Reading Buddies is another programme run by the Angels. The higher grade kids are paired up with the lower grade kids to make them more socialized and to reading to each other. In Reading Buddies, both the higher and lower grade kids can read to each other according to their interest.

When SMD has long breaks like winter holidays or Losar, we Angels do reading classes. We keep different levels of books and we never force the kids to read. They come to us out of their own interest when we bring the books and they read the book they’re interested in. At that time some will read aloud for others, while will read silently.

In this way, many kids in SMD have learned to love reading. Even boys are showing great interest which was not so common in the past years! So, on behalf of the Reading Angels, I want to thank the ICS teachers and Mr. Matthews for opening the world of books to SMDers.

Pema Choden B280






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