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What We Did in Our Winter Holidays

During winter vacation, the seniors and our volunteer Bea organized activities for the whole month. They printed out the activities schedule for the kids. So during the one month holiday, the kids who stayed in the hostel had a great time! Every day the kids were busy with Seniors, attending different kind of activities.

Among those activities, treasure hunting was great fun and very exciting. The idea was given by Bea. The game was played by three teams. At first the kids were separted into three groups named Apple Group, Banana Group and Mango Goup. The seniors explained the game and gave them (kids) a hint. According to the first hint,the kids had to find other hints to reach their final destination.

The seniors were present in different places holding different hints. While searching for the next hints, the kids had to perform different activities coordinated by seniors. Some of the challenges were: dancing, doing a quiz, singing, doing exercise, tongue twisters etc. Ater passing all these activities, finally they all arrived at their destination where they found lots of chocolates! The game was really exciting and mind squeezing. All the kids loved to play the game and they hope to play it in future too.

We, all the SMD kids, would like to thank our seniors and Bea for making our holiday so enjoyable and exciting. Without you all we would have never experienced such a delightful day. 

By Migmar Lama D526

The whole month was organized by the Seniors. The little kids said it was the best holiday they'd ever had! Shirley Blair


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