Dharma Class


Remember: paramita (go far away from the path of samsara)

The Third Paramita: PATIENCE: undisturbed mind, calmed, inner peace, wait…

There are three types of patience:

  1. the patience of not retaliating against those who inflict harm
  2. the patience of willingly enduring suffering
  3. the patience of ascertaining the practice of Dharma

Subdue your anger to gain patience. Learn from your anger, try to catch it and eliminate it.

Anger = disturbed mind.

If you want to gain beauty, liberation, peace…. practice patience. “Patience is beauty”, (remember this every time you start to get angry).

Quotes from the class:

Keep always the real you inside. Your simple and humble human being.

Freedom is wisdom, to open your heart and mind, to liberate yourself and with this action liberate the others.

Buddha saw the suffering of the world, he then opened his mind and achieved wisdom.

“Keep your good heart all the time” V.V. Thrangu Rimpoche

Don’t waste your time, now is the time to get knowledge, to open your heart and your mind, to get to know yourself. To start your personal liberation.

However you shouldn’t think about your individual liberation as something only for your benefit...liberate yourself to benefit others, and liberate yourself without harming others…

Freedom is inside yourself. Nobody can give it to you, nobody can steal it from you. Try to find it by yourself and then, share it!

By Tashi Dolma B260




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