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A Story of Karma supports SMD

A Story of Karma

A Story of Karma, a new book written by long time SMD School supporter Michael Schauch, sheds light on life for children in the Himalaya, and the important role of SMD School.

In 2012, Michael Schauch and his wife, Chantal, undertook an expedition deep in the Himalaya of northern Nepal, into a remote valley that had been closed off to outsiders for decades. They led a team of artists (a photographer, a musician, and a painter), with the objective of capturing a moment in time through their unique lenses. As a mountaineering fanatic, Michael had a second (and less conspicuous) goal to climb an unknown mountain he had only identified through a photograph. What unfolded in the mountains forced him to question his values and his own identity, and eventually resulted in meeting a little girl, which was the most profound encounter of his life. Little did either know that from that moment they would completely change the trajectory of each other’s life.

Michael’s new book, A Story of Karma, recounts this journey, and the years that follow as Karma (the little girl), and Michael and Chantal grow their lives together amidst the complex dichotomies and backdrop of Karma’s 17th-century Himalayan village; the impoverished and polluted Kathmandu; and the modern world of Vancouver, Canada.

Michael hopes A Story of Karma will bring more awareness and support to the children of the high Himalaya, and SMD School.

“An intriguing tale that entwines exploration and education. Schauch has a lively and involving narrative voice, and he’s adept at conveying the combination of detail and wonder that one looks for in the best travel writing. He draws the reader smoothly into his dual narratives, and he handles both of them with skill. Fans of travel writing and family narratives will appreciate this work.”  — Kirkus Reviews

“A Story of Karma is an inspiring story about life, love, compassion, and determination. It’s also about sacrifice and humility. Karma depicts beautiful imagery that pulls the reader in, making the scenes come alive. [Schauch’s] work is also ripe with raw emotion and insight. Feelings are more than surface deep; they radiate through the pages.” — Jennifer Padgett, Seattle Book Review

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Nar Phu Village School

Photo by Arek Saczuk of children in Nar Phu Village School, Manang, Nepal in 2012.