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New Song: Pray for the World

Pray For the World - Music Seeds International & SMD School, Kathmandu

Ross Green of Music Seeds International has done it again! This is his third song-writing/recording project with SMD School students in Kathmandu, resulting in “Pray for the World,” just released in time for Losar (Tibetan New Year)! As usual, the students chose the topic and wrote the lyrics.

Check out Thrangu Band perform their new song with Ross:

Ross also sends news of a new guitar program that he’s launched at SMD School. He shares: “An after school guitar club with proper guitars is now up and running. Some of you might remember my birthday fundraiser on Facebook last June. See those guitars? They will last twenty or more years here. That’s what your donation bought. Enjoy…you just made these kids and hundreds more that will play them very, very happy.”

Ross Green at SMD School for Himalayan Children

Ross Green and friends of Music Seeds International sponsor guitars for SMD School for Himalayan Children in Kathmandu and start a guitar club.

SMD School guitar club

Ross Green at SMD School“Music Seeds International makes learning fun. Students are engaged using music as the tool. Through a variety of programs kids learn about language, creativity, self expression, and important social issues by writing, singing and recording songs and videos. These are seen around the world through social media and the Internet. Kids love music videos, and when they are starring in their own, confidence and self-esteem rise.” ~Music Seeds International, 2020 

The original song, “Long Live the Tsawe Lama,” composed in honour of SMD School founder Thrangu Rinpoche: