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Richard climbs Everest for SMD

Richard Dale Everest Fundraising Climb

Richard Dale, a former host dad of one of our alums in Switzerland, is coming back to Nepal end of March to join an expedition to climb Mt. Everest.

This climb will be his second attempt to summit the final of the “7 summits”. He has spent the last eight years training and travelling to all seven continents of the world to stand on the top of their highest peaks. Whilst being driven by this goal, he is also driven to secure a better future for the marginalised children of the Himalayas. Richard writes, “We know SMD school well. Tenzin, one of SMD’s graduates, lived with us in Switzerland for two years while finishing grades eleven and twelve at the Inter-community IB School in Zurich.”

Richard has visited us at SMD school and knows how we operate and how we’re always desperately in need of funds to carry on our work. The money Richard will raise through this climb will go directly to the school and every 800CHF raised will pay for a child to stay in SMD for a year. His goals is to raise 8,848 CHF–that’s one CHF for every meter of Everest!

“SMD School in Kathmandu cares for children who would otherwise not receive an education at all–SMD makes an incredible difference to so many lives through providing free education.”

Read more about Richard’s Everest climb for SMD School on his fundraising page.

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