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Sangmo reflects on ‘Senior’ Life

Life as a Senior at SMD School, Nepal

We came to experience different stages of life in SMD Shool and Senior life is one of them. ‘Seniors’ are those who stay as part of the school after finishing Class 10. We provide services to the SMD family according to Rinpoche’s aim. There are certain criteria to becoming a Senior. Every senior is chosen according to their performance during school time and how much dedication they show for the improvements of the school. The main aim of giving us an opportunity to be Seniors is to teach us the skills like cleaning, cooking, paying bills, taking responsibility, and learning to communicate well and get along with others, making our own decisions. This is to help make us think like an adult.

We Seniors have got our own duties and responsibilities. Each Senior has their own jobs, like working as the Director’s assistant, or as a class aide, or in the library, or working as a ‘reading angel’. We do many other tasks, too many to mention here. The interesting thing is that we get circulated…each job lasts for three months. This is so we can experience many different tasks instead of just one. We Seniors need to be present in four classes every week: meditation class, leadership class, dharma class and T.O.K. class.

Right now we have around 19 seniors, including dad and mom who look after all the Seniors. ‘Dad’ and ‘mom’ are students who have finished the IB certificate abroad and who have come back to volunteer for a year before going on to university here or overseas. Among the currently 19 Seniors, seven are continuing their high school here and the others are on gap years. After giving service for a year, most (we hope all) will get scholarships overseas for Grades 11 and 12. This is really a great opportunity for the children like us. Until now there are about two dozen SMD students overseas fulfilling their aims, so that they can come back and help their communities.

By Sangmo Sherpa B343a