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SMD Alumni Graduate in Canada

SMD Alumna Dechen Dolma graduates from UVic

We are so proud of SMD alumni Tenzin Sherpa and Dechen Dolma who graduated with their bachelor degrees from Universities in western Canada this month. Dechen came to SMD from the remote Himalayan village of Lho, in the Nubri region of Nepal. As one of our outstanding students, she finished Class 10 with us, after which she won a scholarship to finish high school (grades 11 and 12) at the Inter Community School Zurich in Switzerland. She then was accepted on full scholarship to the University of Victoria on the west coast of Canada and earned her bachelor’s degree in child and youth care. Dechen plans to give back and teach at SMD School for a couple of years before venturing into a career and continuing her education abroad. Read more about Dechen’s story in UVic news…

Photo: Tenzin Sherpa earns a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada in June 2017. 

Back at home in Kathmandu, half of our SMD School class 10 graduates have offered to give service for a year at SMD and at posts among Thrangu Rinpoche’s monasteries and nunneries in Nepal—they are ‘Seniors’ now by virtue of their kindheartedness, and are part of our Senior Programme. Nearby nunneries, monasteries and Buddhist schools have asked for Seniors to help them too. Our kids are Buddhist and speak the languages that are needed (Tibetan, Nepali and English), which makes them a great fit for many institutions. After a year of service, we do our best to help our senior students with ongoing education, to finish their grades 11 and 12 either in Nepal or on a scholarship overseas.

Photo: Shova and Dawa Sangmo are giving service at Manjushri School, founded by a Sherpa monk.