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SMD Building Repair Update

Nepal Earthquake Renovation at SMD School

April 25th marked the second anniversary of the M7.8 earthquake in Nepal, during which we lost the use of our main classroom building. So many people helped us and so many continue to help. Bless your hearts!

The retrofit started in July 2016 (it took over a year to receive government permission). Our ‘C Block’ building (the main classroom building) is the one that was ‘red tagged’ by the District Education Office engineer and was no longer safe to use. As such, we have been and continue to use temporary classrooms. Reconstruction of this building is in progress floor by floor: breaking out the walls, reinforcing the pillars with carbon fibre, rebuilding, finishing and painting.

The 1st floor containing the shrine hall was finished in time for Rinpoche’s birthday celebration in November. The front veranda is now completely enclosed, creating a stronger base as well as a larger internal space. The second-floor dining hall is now also complete and soon, the third to fifth floors with science and computer labs, classrooms, admin offices, library, staff room and stationary store will see their former life returning.

Outdoor classes and meals will no longer be a necessity…only a choice!

The total cost to repair is over US$130,000—we’ve had to use the money that we had fundraised over the last several years and set aside for a new school. It is our long-term vision to build a larger school that can house more students and that is in a safer, less polluted environment away from the core of the city. We invite you to contact us for more information about this plan and to contribute to our SMD Building Fund.