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SMD Graduation Day

SMD Graduation Day 2017

SMD alumna, Sangita Tamang, her friends and the SMD administrative team, organized a ‘SMD Graduation Day’ on July 15th for the grade ten graduating class (SMD school is unfortunately too crowded to offer grades 11 and 12). The program opened at ten o’ clock with Thrangu Rinpoche’s long live prayer. Among the honorary guests were representatives from Rinpoche’s monasteries and nunneries. Our school principal, Acharya Wangchuk Tenzin, gave a speech about Rinpoche’s main aims for the school and students, and shared about the importance of learning to be independent.

Grade nine and ten students also performed a welcome song and dance, and graduating students made heart-warming speeches of gratitude and appreciation for the chance they were given to attend SMD school, be part of the SMD family, and receive an education enriched with the dharma. Graduate Tsering Choden expressed, “This year’s graduation day was more special than before—I felt very welcomed and appreciated. I would like to thank everyone with all my heart, especially Sangita, her friends and the SMD administrative team, for making this special day possible.”

At the end of the SMD Graduation Day, the certificates and gifts were handed to all the graduates. The celebrations closed with an inspirational speech from SMD alum, Sonam Gurung, who shared about his experiences after graduating from SMD and reminded everyone of the importance of keeping the aims of the ‘Root Lama’ close to heart.