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SMD School is Closed Again!

SMD Closed Again! With COVID-19 on the rise in Kathmandu, the government has ordered all schools to close again and for all in person exams to be postponed. So we had to send all our children home, including the Grade 8s and 10s who were supposed to take their National Board exams in the coming weeks. As of April 28th, …

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SMD Health Assistants Save Lives


Pran Maya Khadki comes from a small village called Namo Buddha, where our founder, Thrangu Rinpoche established Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery. This is also where SMD Branch School for monks is. After she finished Class 10, Pran Maya took the three-year Health Assistants (paramedic) training.  When the earthquakes hit in 2015, Lama Sangay, one of our monks in Malaysia raised …

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SMD Building Repair Update

Nepal Earthquake Renovation at SMD School

April 25th marked the second anniversary of the M7.8 earthquake in Nepal, during which we lost the use of our main classroom building. So many people helped us and so many continue to help. Bless your hearts! The retrofit started in July 2016 (it took over a year to receive government permission). Our ‘C Block’ building (the main classroom building) …