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SMD School is Closed Again!

SMD Closed Again! With COVID-19 on the rise in Kathmandu, the government has ordered all schools to close again and for all in person exams to be postponed. So we had to send all our children home, including the Grade 8s and 10s who were supposed to take their National Board exams in the coming weeks. As of April 28th, …

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SMD Graduation Day

SMD Graduation Day 2017

SMD alumna, Sangita Tamang, her friends and the SMD administrative team, organized a ‘SMD Graduation Day’ on July 15th for the grade ten graduating class (SMD school is unfortunately too crowded to offer grades 11 and 12). The program opened at ten o’ clock with Thrangu Rinpoche’s long live prayer. Among the honorary guests were representatives from Rinpoche’s monasteries and …